Kees Toet on himself and his work

Just turned 60, I’m in a relationship and am a father, grandpa, sports enthusiast and music lover. In 2021 I started a private practice as a registered independent systemic psychotherapist.
My experience in working for various organisations is that not enough attention is paid to relationship therapy. Which is why I am now focusing on that in my own practice – it is something I have long wanted to do.

I use different techniques from Emotional Focused Therapy, an approach that really helps people to reconnect and is based on Bowlby’s Attachment Theory.

I am also qualified in Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT), Signs of Safety, and the trauma treatment Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET).

Besides working at my Toet Therapie private practice, I also work as a systemic psychotherapist, couples/relationship counsellor and trauma therapist at the national psychotrauma centre ARQ Centrum ’45, treating refugees, police officers, firefighters and veterans suffering from trauma.
At the Kinder- en Jeugdtraumacentrum in Haarlem, I worked as a systemic psychotherapist treating parents, families, young people and children with trauma caused by sexual abuse, domestic violence or messy divorces, or traumatic bereavement, and the effect that has on later life health, emotional development, body awareness, self-image and relationships.

More information about my background is available on my LinkedIn page.

Ex client:
‘My son and I have had counseling at Kenter Jeugdzorg for several years now. Between May and August 2020 we had several sessions with Kees Toet. Kees was working for Kenter at the time as a systemic psychotherapist. I came to know Kees as someone you can really talk to. Kees engages with people and soon understands them and their situation. He managed to get my son’s attention by setting the right tone. My son and I have made real progress, and that’s partly thanks to him. His help was much appreciated.’

‘Kees has counselled me and my family extremely well, helping us to process trauma. Listening carefully, and with a touch of humour now and then, he made us feel at ease and able to tell our story.
Thanks again!